How it all works

Because this is an all-online orchestra, the editor will be compiling a video featuring all of our musicians at the completion of the submission deadline. We will then upload the video to YouTube.

You can submit either an audio file or a video file- whichever you would prefer! For audio only files, please send them in MP3 format. For video files, a MOV or MPEG format would be best. If you have a file in a different format, drop us an email and we’ll let you know if it will be compatible with the editing software.

You can send in as many different submissions as you’d like, provided they are for different parts or different instruments. Please do NOT send videos of you performing the same part on the same instrument. This will help cut down considerably on the post-production time.

To see our current project, visit our current project tab. Would you like to participate? Visit our registration page to get started and play along with us! :)