Hi, my name is Courtney Lambert, and I am the Piano Practitioner.

Courtney Lambert - Piano Practitioner

I’ve always loved music. My music days stretch way back to when I was quite a young girl and just starting to learn to play music in a children’s bell choir, and singing all the time!

Years later, my parents placed me in piano lessons and I had the opportunity to study under three different teachers over a 13 year timespan. I studied under two different church pianists, and a classically-trained pianist that had studied at the Russian Piano Conservatory. After I stopped taking piano lessons, I began to develop my own style and method of playing and teaching piano. I now enjoy playing piano each week for church and experimenting with improvisation.

My interest in piano tuning started in 2010 when my family moved into a rather old house complete with an even older piano in the basement. We worked together to bring it out of the basement and up unto the main floor of our home, and with that, I began to fidget with this and that to fix various things that were broken. I repaired the damper pedal straight-away, and we then proceeded to have a piano technician come out and look at it. He told us it would be quite a bit of money and a spare bedroom to fix it, so it’s been sitting quietly awaiting it’s time to sing once more. I began to research a bit about piano repair, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to figure out exactly what to do to fix it.


Story and Clark Piano

In October of 2015, I enrolled in piano technician school through the American School of Piano Tuning. I spent the next several months studying the ins and outs of piano tuning and repair, and began the extensive process of beginning to repair the aforementioned piano in our living room.

Story and Clark

I still have quite a few repairs to do on our beloved Story and Clark, but I am very excited to hear it restored to it’s former glory. I graduated in October of 2016, and have enjoyed professionally tuning and repairing pianos since that time. It has been such an incredible and fulfilling process, and I am very thankful for the Lord’s leading in this area of my life.