About Us

We are a web site devoted to the cause and purposes of home education.

We are parents of children schooled at home.

This site does not have a hidden agenda, a revelation of the ‘perfect way’ to school at home, or the answer to every question.

What we provide is simple: A community for home educators to share their information, experience, and insight. A place to find links, products, and others who have chosen to make the education of their children a priority in their lives.

We are home schoolers… We are children of THE living God.

We are husband and wife.

We are parents of purpose and vision to eight children and counting!

Recognizing ‘Where there is no vision, the people run wild.’ (Proverbs 29:18a ), we are striving to create a loving home where each individual realizes the vision to become that which God created them to be.

We embrace the power of learning, love and laughter, for it is through learning that we grow, love that binds us together and with laughter, the joy and hope that lives into the future.

We understand that we hold the future in our hands. With God as our firm foundation, it is on His path that we are leaving our legacy.

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